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Banner Sponsorship is created to give companies of all sizes the ability to promote their services, products, and their professionalism on the Internet, without incurring a large startup cost. Sponsorship can start at as low as $100 per year and you will assist us to promote Nepal by being a part of a larger network. We all grow together and benefit by investing on cooperative advertising towards a greater collective goal.

Each sponsor may choose their level of commitment by providing a link, hosting a site, promoting their website, creating a banner, and/or supplying content. Want to know more? See the topics below or Submit a Request.

Promotion banners throughout may just need that extra touch to draw attention to your services and attract more visitors to your site. One sponsor drew over 48,000 visitors to their site in just 6 months with strategic banner placement within Learn more about banner and their placement here:

right side bigger

Here are just a few questions to ask yourself and know about Banners and their placement.

Do you really want this type of banner? Our site design will always bring up the Right Side Top Banner placement first on a slow internet connection. This is a good thing to guarantee a longer banner view. Some recent internet marketing research, however, indicates viewers are used to seeing banners at the top of the screen and consequently (mentally) block them out. This may mean, a Sponsor Banner within a topic (in the middle or bottom of the page) may bring more exposure. See...
We made you look at the Ultimate Bungy Banner here while you read this topic :). Also you can view this type of banner at:

  • Dimensions: 150x225 Pixels
  • Limited to 5 banners maximum rotation
  • Rates: 300 $ per year

right side medium

Do you know why Carlsberg and Coca-Cola paint billboards and walls all over the country? Saturation and repetition leads to recognition! See how Himalayan Treasures and Travel has multiple banners at: .

This is an example of one CLEVER sponsor that believes in saturation marketing!

  • Dimensions: 150x150 Pixels
  • Limited to 5 banners maximum rotation
  • Rates: 200 $ per year

right side small

Have you given your client a reason to click the banner? Tell your client about an interesting service you offer, offer to send a color brochure, or offer a Windows Standard illusion to generate a click.

Example: Interest Service ~ Click for Discounts and a Map

This is an example of one CLEVER sponsor that believes in saturation marketing!

  • Dimensions: 150x85 Pixels
  • Limited to 3 banners maximum rotation
  • Rates: 100 $ per year
  • Banner could be text or graphics

vertical fixed banner

Do you know why banners should be simple? Graphic size effects download time across the internet. A banner that displays quickly will be exposed longer. Simple colors, graphics and basic animation are a key for quicker display.

Examples: See the Banner below:

  • Dimensions: 430x55 Pixels
  • This is a fixed banner – there will be no rotation
  • Rates: 100 $ per year

100's of topics are available for this type of banners. The Nepal Yeti topic is what got us mentioned in Time Magazine and we had no one sponsoring this topic! 100,000's of people viewed this topic last year alone. Your own Sponsor Banner can get you this much exposure for as little as $100 per year!

Can you imagine how many people visit to our website to check out the topics like When to Come Trekking, When to Come Rafting, and When to Come to Nepal? How about the number of people that show up to see the Festivals Dates ? All these, and more, are the topics open to Banner Sponsorship.

Example Banners: Go to's Safari Topic to see the Gaida Jungle Safari and Island Jungle Resort banner placements.

Note: Some Sponsor Banners placed on our site are already dedicated to existing sponsors. But, many Sponsor Banners are in place as examples and are really not yet dedicated to any individual sponsor.

To discuss how your business can benefit from a relationship with, please contact us at (977) 1 4417775 or send a request using our special contact form.

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