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Festival Dates in Nepal 2008

You will find a festival almost every week in Nepal. Each of Nepal's 40+ ethinic groups have festivals celebrated in homes, temples and public places. Festivals are scheduled according to a lunar calendar which does not coincide with the solar calendar currently used in Nepal, nor the Gregorian calendar. Some of the major festivals are listed below.

Name of festivals Dates for 2008
April 13
Ekata Divas
Jan 11
Sahid Divas
Jan 30
Feb 28
Feb 11
Democracy Day
Feb 19
Education Day
Feb 24
Mar 06
Woman's Day
Mar 08
Mar 21
Mar 29
Chaitra Dashain
April 06
Ram's Day
April 07
Nepal Sambat
Labour Day
May 01
Mother's Day
May 05
May 20
Janai Purnima
Aug 16
Oct 22
Child Day
Aug 22
Aug 23
Sept 02
Sept 14
Oct 9
Oct. (25-30) Tihar 28
Chhath Parba (Terai only)
Oct 28
Constitution Day
Nov 09

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