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Your domain name is your identity on the Internet. Whether you're marketing your existing business online, or just starting a new business, establish your corporate presence by registering a domain name to have your business up and running on the World Wide Web.


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Hosting your Website offers quality web hosting packages to choose from. Each comes with the option of adding more features, which makes upgrading very easy. Our prices are unbeatably LOW !

Our hosting is guaranteed to have better than 99.99% uptime, as every server is located in a secure environment with redundant power & utilizing connections to multiple backbones to ensure that data reaches the end-user in the fastest and most efficient manner and the server is located in Austin, Texas. We will get you online faster and provide you the highest level of customer service. That's why more than 500 customers around the world trust for their hosting needs.

Yes, we host sites for as little as $120.00 per year.

  • We'll supply free consultation and a demonstration to determine your need. We host sub-domains under for FREE.
  • We may also register
  • There are few questions you should ask yourself about your business to help you determine your need. See the topics below for your consideration to learn more or Contact Us.

domains and sub-domains

Your first consideration is whether to purchase or host your own Domain or to select an organization to host you under their Domain as a Sub-Domain.

If you have been in business for many years and have an international name recognized worldwide and huge marketing presence, you should consider your own domain.

  • - Anyone in the travel trade knows Shangri-La Hotel located in Nepal. This is a good example of a big company which needs to have its own domain.
  • - Although Gaida Wildlife Resort is a big company serving for 20+ years, many people still cannot reflect its identity easily. As an international traveler, I'm not likely to remember all the names. Gaida is a Rhino in Nepali and I am likely to remember that. Take a look at their link above to see how we used animation and sound to help people remember their names and images.

Note: Many people and web consultants are under the belief that having a name with recognizable keywords will assist in the ranking and promotion with Search Engines but this seems no longer valid with the major Search Engines. If you would like to know more on this - Contact Us.

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