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Recognitions of

Mahendra Poudyal envisaged a website that would help Nepal to tap its tourism potentials and also help millions of people around the world to get up-to-date, accurate and authentic information on Nepal. He worked hard on his dream project by gathering every minute detail so that anyone who wished to travel to Nepal could plan in advance. That was how was born in 1997 and a year later, Nepal observed the very first Visit Nepal Year 1998 and about 300000 travelers visited Nepal.

The basic motive behind was to provide more and more travel information about Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. It was also hoped that more and more web surfers visited the website and collect information on Nepal and by the time they close the website, they decide on their next vacation – a trip to Nepal.

Eight years down the line, has attained more than its simple expectations. Today, stands as the leading Nepal travel information network to the visitors. Since 1997, is on Top 10 Placement in all major search engines. All the big countries visit like USA, Australia, Singapore, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, India, Malaysia, France, Japan, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Spain and many more.

It is the encouragement and comments from its hundreds and thousands of unique visitors almost 2500 a day that has placed at this position. It was a moment of great pride when the highly recognized media lavished words of praise on and that very pride instill us to do better in a more determined and dedicated way.

Time Magazine (Oct. 11, 1999) - They seemed to appreciate our humor in supplying Yeti Information to the Internet public.
Time Magazine (Dec. 10, 2001) - Second time they seemed to appreciate our humor and gave the title "MOUNTAIN MARKETPLACE".
Time Magazine (Feb. 17, 2003) - One more time again they seemed to appreciate our site and gave the title "Nepal Know-it-all".
Star Television - "The most complete website for any traveler wishing to visit Nepal. For anyone not planning to visit, this site may offer the next best thing."

Your comments build our enthusiasm so please feel free to send in your remarks or feedbacks so that we could improvise the site for your complete satisfaction.

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