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Information for Nepalese Abroad
December 10, 2004

Nepal’s leading travel information portal has decided to launch a new segment "Nepalese Abroad" on its website. This segment aims the Nepalese (Expatriates, Expat’s) who are interested to live in US, Canada, UK and Australia or have already made these countries their home. - "Nepalese Abroad" page will provide information and handy tips to the Nepalese on Bargain Flights to Kathmandu; Finding Work in US; Wiring Money to Nepal; Nepalese Restaurants; Long Term Visas; Legal Issues; Apartment Search; Classified Ads; Phone Cards; Nepalese Grocery Stores; Staying Fit and Healthy; Events and Photos; Entertainment and Movies; etc.

The page also aims to provide information to anyone who wants to know more on short term visit to US, Canada and UK for leisure or on business purpose as well as a wide range of travel information such as lodging, places to visit etc.

The web design team from Nepal and US are behind the visual design of the page. It has used Macromedia and Adobe Photoshop to produce GIF, JPG and PSD files as well as mock-up images to show what the pages should look like. The site will be simple and the professional design makes it even easier to use for the web surfer.

The page will be available for viewing by April 2005.

If you would like to contribute information or become a sponsor, please contact us via email.

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