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Nepalese Abroad Page Launched
May 03, 2005

On December 10, 2004, we published the press release that our new segment “Nepalese/Nepalis Abroad” will be ready for viewing by April 2005 and we kept our words. We finally launched this segment on May 03, 2005 featuring the success story of a successful Nepali in USA under our yet another project “Success Stories of Nepalis Abroad”. We expect that our articles based on the interviews with the successful Nepalis will inspire and motivate all of us and make us feel proud to be known as a Nepali anywhere in the world.

Success Stories of Nepalis in USA is our first attempt to reach the Nepalis who have made a mark in the United States of America. We hope to give a non-stop continuity to this project by adding as many success stories as possible. In the near future, we also intend to feature “Faithful Friends of Nepal” – who love and adore Nepal and the Nepalis.

Apart from the success stories of Nepalis and the faithful friends of Nepal, you will get to read and rip lots of information towards your benefit. The various topics and categories on the page like Events, Classifieds, Articles, Forum, Coupons, Deals, etc. are all meant for your advantage absolutely FREE.

Events: You can post any upcoming events and make an online advertisement.
You can now know what’s happening where in well advance and mark your calendar accordingly.

Classifieds: You can post any kinds of advertisements. The business people can advertise about their businesses. A real estate agency can place the advertisement on houses and apartments. If you would like to sell your laptop or if you are looking for a room partner, you can place the ad for it, it is as easy and simple as that.

Articles: You can submit informative articles for others to read and make a name for yourself. You can write on any issue that proves informative and handy for the Nepalis living abroad. You can even share your ideas and opinions.

Forum: You can post any issues and topics for discussion. You can also participate in any forum and discuss on any issues thus making new friends online and broadening your intellectual horizon.

Coupons: You can now promote your business through coupons.
Just because you checked our “Nepalis Abroad” site, you are now eligible to be a part of any discount scheme.

Deals: You can submit your deals while the rest profits from it including yourself.

If you would like to contribute information or become a sponsor, please contact us via email.

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